Taking a tour of history

Yesterday, my family and I, along with two other families, went to the Massachusetts State House. When we arrived in Boston, our party had a beautiful picnic on the Boston Common. Then, we started off on our adventure. We were hosted by Senator Moore and he gave our group a tour of the Senate Chamber. The kids of the group got to sit in the chair that overlooked the Chamber and thanks to Senator Moore, we each got a turn to bang the gavel.


The tour ended with a special treat. Senator Moore invited us out onto the balcony where we had a great view of the Boston Common and the Duck Boat Tours driving by.


Occasionally, a duck boat driver would honk for us!



After the State House tour, our group walked the Freedom Trail. One of the more special destinations to me was the first Unitarian Universalist church in the U.S. We got to sit in Paul Revere and his family’s pew. There was also a pew that was quite remarkable. A fancy pew on the right wing of the building had supposedly welcomed George Washington to sit in it while attending a music concert. Ben, a friend of mine who is probably the best history whiz I know, and I stepped into the pew next to it to get a better view of where the 1st president of the United States of America once sat. Once we were done with the Freedom Trail, most of us got frozen yogurt. Learning about my local government is the first step. When we are traveling, I’m looking forward to learning about other governments and political systems.

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