Worldwide futbol

Today my soccer coach, Coach Greg, had a party to celebrate the World Cup G-Group game, a match between Germany and the U.S. This game was vital because the U.S.’s attendance of the Round of 16 was at stake. As you probably already know, the U.S. lost to Germany by one point, but they still advanced to the Round of 16 because of goal differentials.

Coach Greg really helped me with my experience with soccer. I learned a lot from being on his team and I’m appreciative of that. I’ll miss him the second my family and I hop into the car to head to the airport.

However, I am excited to play soccer, or calcio, in Italy. I’m good friends with Coach Carlo, the coach for the small village we visit in Italy, Triora. I’m really looking forward to when I meet all of my Italian friends and play soccer with them.


On our trip, I’ll be posting images and stories about my experience with sports in different countries in my sports column.

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3 Responses to Worldwide futbol

  1. I love your posts Elliott. Keep ’em coming!


  2. Greg Massotti says:

    “E”…you have been a pleasure to coach and I have truly enjoyed watching you grow has a soccer player. I know you are going to have a terrific trip and can’t wait to keep up with you through your blog. I hope you get the chance to continue playing soccer while you’re traveling the world. And when you come home you have to know that you will always have a spot on my team. I will miss you and your family while you’re gone but I know the time will go by fast and we will see you again real soon. All the best. Coach Greg


  3. You know a coach in Italy. That’s pretty cool!
    Your friend


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