The futbol never ends!

On Wednesday, I went to Eco Park to attend a practice that I was invited to by the kids at Fred Baca Park the other night. The practice was for the Taos Coyotes and it took place at Eco Park in, well, Taos.


All of the kids there were older than me but they were really nice. Some even positively commented on my soccer skills.

After that, all of my family and I went to El Taoseño for supper. Everybody except for my dad and me left the field before my practice finished to go to dinner. When dad and I got there everybody had already ordered their meals since they were starving. Well, my cousin had ordered a taco plate that looked really good. When the waitress came around to take dad’s order and my order, I said, “May I have what he has?” and pointed to my cousin. The waitress responded with, “You mean the senior taco plate? You guys are a bit young but I’ll let you slide.” I was really hungry so I ate it anyway. Surprisingly, I finished the whole thing, but that was a bad idea because I didn’t feel so great on the ride home!😩

Today I finished the LEGO Ninjago sets that I got for my birthday! Here are some pics.



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6 Responses to The futbol never ends!

  1. The Ninjago sets look great!!
    I’m so happy that you found a soccer club to hang out with 🙂


  2. Greg Massotti says:

    Hello E….I love the lego. It looks awesome!!
    Seems like you are having fun on your trip so far. And I love the fact that you are jumping into soccer games with the various people you have encountered. I hope you always wear the Douglas stripe with pride. The pictures you sent look terrific…great scenery!!
    Please tell mom and dad I said hello….

    Talk soon…

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  3. Miss Lynn says:

    I just showed Jack your pictures. He is so jealous of the Nindroid Dragon!!! Glad you are having fun. We saw Lucien today. I am going to tell him about your blog.


  4. Mrs. Bachelder says:

    Hi, Elliot – Thanks for keeping us updated on your many adventures! Mr. Godbout and I are enjoying your posts and it’s so nice to hear about all of the new experiences you are enjoying! Hope your travels continue to go well, and those LEGO creations are sure impressive! Take care–

    Mrs. Bachelder


    • all7in7 says:

      Thank you Mrs. Bachelder! I am having a lot of fun not only traveling, but also doing my blog. We just arrived to Nice, France … more posts are coming soon.


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