From Taos to Triora

Stress has been very hard to deal with, especially at the beginning of the trip. For example, we had to wake up at 4 am our last day at home to hit the road by 5. And then on our last day in Taos, we had to pack everything for Europe and Morocco very thoroughly and it took a long time. As we were packing that day, I said ‘Mom, I know you’re very stressed but I’m not as stressed as you! But I am still stressed!’ She had a lot more to do than me. I was just assisting her.

Traveling can also be stressful. On two of my flights, there were little kids behind me who kept kicking the back of my seat. I banged my head against the headrest in an attempt to signal my discomfort, but it didn’t work AT ALL! Luckily, our flight to London wasn’t very full so we got to move around and lay down on the empty seats to sleep.

On Wednesday, my mom, my dad, and I woke up on a plane from Dallas, TX to London, Great Britain. We were all really jet lagged and we could have felt much better than we did. My parents like to sit on the plane and fall asleep since there’s not much time to rest elsewhere, whereas I don’t want to miss a thing.


One really cool thing about Wednesday is that none of us officially touched a continent’s soil until we arrived in Nice, France later that evening. Man did we sleep well that night.

Before we left New Mexico, we went down to the Rio Grande and swam in the little streams that branched off of the huge river. I tried to skip rocks but I was quite unsuccessful most of the time. That was one of our last days in Taos😭😩😫😢.


But I shouldn’t have been sad because just a couple days later I was skipping rocks on the beach in Nice. But did any of those rocks skip? None of them!


Now we are in Italy and it looks like a lot of the kids from my soccer team are around. Today I went down to the soccer field/basketball court and kicked it around. It started raining but I didn’t care so I stayed there for a long time. This weekend is Triora West. For three days, tourists from all over bring their horses to ride around Triora and wear their cowboy hats. It is basically Triora pretending to be the Wild West and it is always exciting to see the horses and ride the bucking bronco.

It is really cloudy here but still beautiful. Anyway, most of the clouds are under us. But some have been coming in the window. Here is a picture of the clouds.


This is me in the piazza at Bruno’s bar & café where I am using the wifi to publish this blog post! Do you like my cowboy hat for Triora West?


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16 Responses to From Taos to Triora

  1. Amanda says:

    I love your cowboy hat, it’s as if you have brought some Taos culture to Triora! I had a child kick the back of my seat on the plane from Rome to New York! Boy was I tired when that flight was through! Sounds like you have no jet lag at all! 2 continents down 5 more to go! You are a great traveler and a wonderful writer! We love you and miss you!!


    • all7in7 says:

      Thanks Aunt Amanda! I don’t have any jet lag but mom and dad do. It’s good because I get to play FIFA on my ipad while they are sleeping. Good thing Triora West still has two more days to go. Unfortunately it’s not quite kicking off as we expected since it’s raining every afternoon. I miss you too.


  2. rwsj24601 says:

    Eliott, did you get my previous comment?


  3. rwsj24601 says:

    Ok, it looks like not. I said please tell your mom and dad that Rich Schofield says “hello”! I really love your updates and posts and wish you would do it more often. I hope you continue to have a great time!


    • all7in7 says:

      Hi Rich! Thanks! One of the problems with posting a lot is that we don’t have wifi everywhere we go. But I will try to post as often as I can. Mom and Dad also say hi. Dad wants to know how the new Performance Zone is?


  4. Greg Massotti says:

    Hi Elliot….this is Noah

    I have a few questions for you. Are you scared to live in the clouds? Do you have a car there? Where do you play soccer? Are the kids you play with good?

    Back here in Douglas things are good. We won our Districts in baseball and advanced to states. We won 2 out 3 games there and made it to the semi-final. We played Northhampton and lost…..they went on to win the whole tournament.

    Hi Elliot….this is Seth

    Are you happy Germany won the World Cup? Have you met anyone famous yet? Hope you are enjoying your trip. Talk to you soon…


    • all7in7 says:

      Hi Noah, the clouds don’t bug me much. It’s only when they come through the window and make me cold. But today is warm and sunny … no clouds! Yes we have a car but it’s a rental car. We haven’t used it much since we stay in Triora most of the time. Tomorrow we will drive to the beach, I think. I play soccer on a basketball court that can also be used as a soccer pitch. It’s covered in green turf and lined with white turf. Also, the kids I play with are VERY good.

      Congratulations on your baseball tournament!

      Hi Seth, I was sad for the Argentina fans but it seemed like Germany played very well. I haven’t even come close to meeting anyone famous yet, but I’ll let you know if I do!


  5. Mike Casey says:

    Hi Elliott,
    I love reading about your adventures so far. You express yourself so well. Fun to follow you, Mom and Dad through your eyes. You have been a lucky boy getting to travel all over. Soak it all up and keep writing. I am impressed.

    Mike Casey
    Holy Cross, Class of 1990
    Friend of Mom & Dad


    • all7in7 says:

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for following me! I know I am lucky, but sometimes when I have to go to the grocery store or wait forever for my parents at the bank, I don’t feel so lucky. But I had some gelato today and I even had a huge piece of chocolate in my stracciatella, so I guess that is lucky!


  6. Mary D. says:

    You look great in your hat, Elliot! Enjoy this time-it is so special!!


  7. Brent Johnson says:

    Hi Elliott ,

    So glad to be reading your updates! I want you to know that you are making many people happy sharing your thoughts about your travels. I hope you continue to write even when you just want to play FIFA. Remember, you have people hooked on your stories and adventures! Enjoy the day, hope the rain stays away, and thanks for sharing your blog! 7 in 7 I am hooked!


  8. It’s Ben. Iike the hat! Very fancy. Hope Italy is always great.


  9. gingerpetraglia says:

    Love the hat…are you planning to ride a bucking bronco?


  10. Katie says:

    Elliott, I love this! Finally catching up on all your adventures, so neat to see it through your eyes! Thanks for keeping us up to date, and love the hat! Hi to your Mom and Dad! Katie and the boys!


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