Roma in agosto

Roma in agosto

After our train ride to Rome, we walked about a quarter mile to our guest house. We unpacked our things and headed out for gelato and dinner. We went to a gelato place called Fatamorgana. It should be called ‘Fragola’morgana, because I don’t remember better strawberry ice-cream.

After that we went out in search of a gluten-free pizza restaurant that mom found on the internet. (Read more in my food entry.) I was really thirsty and couldn’t wait for pizza, but once I saw the Colosseum, I made the wait longer by choice because I wanted to walk up the street and see the Colosseum. It also took a long time because my parents wanted to take lots of pictures of me!


After supper we walked to the Campo dei Fiori and walked past the Forum under a full moon.



Today, we got up, ate breakfast, got our tickets, and went to the Colosseum, or the Colosseo. It was hot, I mean really hot, so my mom bought me a hat.



Visiting Rome in August also means a lot of places are closed because everyone goes on holiday, especially for ferragosto (mid-August), but it is kind of nice that everything is not so crowded. After walking through the Colosseo, we went to get lunch. I got chicken and potatoes, and some lettuce and tomatoes! (Read more in the food entry with my gluten-free pizza post).

After lunch, we went sightseeing in the Forum. We even saw what was Julius Caesar’s grave, but somebody stole his ashes and nobody knows where they are. Later, we stopped for gelato again at Fatamorgana. Usually people order two or three flavors, but I got ‘solo fragola’, which means just strawberry. We sat on some steps nearby to eat our gelato. Do you like my hat?

Then we stopped back at the apartment and here I am, writing a blog post. Later tonight, we are heading to Trevi Fountain, and definitely more gelato!

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7 Responses to Roma in agosto

  1. markgwagner says:

    Please send Myles some gelato. If you pack it in ice, it should make it okay. Thanks,


  2. laura cardin says:

    LOVE THE HAT!! And I am really enjoying reading your blogs. All the pictures are awesome. I look forward to checking my emails now! Thanks Elliot 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


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  3. hey Elliot it’s Sam 3 things 1. Was the coliseum as big as you expected? 2. What was the best part of your trip so far? 3. Elliot, are you trying to boost my style with the phedora?#areyoutryingtoboostmystyle


  4. all7in7 says:

    ‘Sup Sam w/ a capital “S”. The Colosseum was bigger on the inside than it seems from the outside. I’m mainly enjoying the local foods right now, and I know there’s much more to come. I totally forgot about that hat! Unfortunately, the feather couldn’t tag along. #nosammynofeather


  5. Paul says:

    Very cool Elliot! We were in Rome in May and loved it.. Again! It was Sasha’s first time, and he had a great time seeing many of the same sights you saw!

    Keep on traveling!

    Paul, Sasha & Svetlana (from Triora:)


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