Farewell Fez

On Thursday, we had to skip the souks and head to Carrefour, a large French supermarket that supplies a lot of the Mediterranean. We were looking for gluten-free breakfast stuff for me. We had to walk into the newer version of Fez, the Ville Nouvelle, and cover 2.5 kilometers🚶😓, then back. It was very hot and hard, but it was also interesting to see many different things in the new Fez.

Later that evening, while we were walking in the Medina, we came across some people selling babouches. Babouches are these little shoes, like slippers, that Moroccans wear. Mom really wanted a pair and I thought it would be cool to have some of my own. We got two pairs in yellow, which is the traditional color.


Along the way, we saw the caravanserai which were old inns for traders and students. The people slept upstairs and their donkeys slept downstairs. They had food and lots of entertainment there. Now they are mostly shops.

After the caravanserai, we walked home to catch Ocean’s 13. Our riad had television, which was great because I hadn’t watched TV since July! I really liked the Ocean’s movies. I hope a fourth comes out!

We slept well after all of our adventures and then woke up early to hike to two important monuments: the Borj Nord, which was an old fortress from the sixteenth century and the Merenid tombs. At the tombs, we saw people walking with bottles of water to clean their ancestors’ tombs. We also saw a great view of all of Fez’s medina. At the fortress, we saw a museum of weaponry, lots and lots of weaponry, including swords, cannons, rifles, maces, bow and arrows, slingshots, and suits of armor.




Later, we visited another medersa, similar to the one we saw in Marrakech. I took some photos of the cool tiles and carvings.



Our plans to go to Sefrou on Saturday turned into just walking around enjoying Fez. Apparently there isn’t a bus to Sefrou after all, or if there is we could not find it. Sometimes plans just don’t work out, but it was okay anyway because I got two hot chocolates that day. Plus, Mom found a soup stall that served pea soup called bisara. It was delicious and I finished the whole bowl.


On Sunday morning, we left Fez and took the train to Meknes. We visited a museum in a palace with very cool carvings, and then went to a café to work. That is where I am writing this post. Next to this café is a sugar cane press to get natural juice out! One cup is 52 cents.

Sunset over Fez:


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6 Responses to Farewell Fez

  1. Amanda Dalton says:

    Elliot I love your blog! I feel as if I am right there with you!! And your photos are gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lydia Brauer says:

    That soup looks delicious!!! I love what you said about how sometimes things don’t work out the way you’ve planned, and that it can be okay. I try to think about those kinds of things as opportunities, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Christine Colonero says:

    I’m just in awe of the wonderful experience of your young life. I can tell you appreciate and enjoy it very much.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Susan Germann says:

    Hi Elliot! I absolutely love reading your posts! You can feel really great about all you’re learning and the eloquent manner in which you share that. I’m going to send a link to your mom on Facebook of Papa T. and I taking the ALS challenge. Love you – Nonna Susan M. Germann, M.Ed. Director, Taos Integrated School of the Arts 575-758-7755

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  5. gingerpetraglia says:

    Bouj Nord looks MASSIVE and what elegantly curved corners! The medersa tiles and carvings are so beautiful. And the slippers…I am coveting them in EVERY color!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Brenda Hounsell Sullivan says:

    Elliot, This is amazing! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences! Brenda Sullivan

    Liked by 1 person

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