The snakes and me

Hey guys, I’m back in Marrakech with the snake charmers. Who’s going to scream at this picture… it’s just a little cobra, and a few boa constricters!

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7 Responses to The snakes and me

  1. Sherry says:

    You are BRAVE!!! I notice that Mom or Dad are not in the picture with you.How did they feel about the snakes?


  2. all7in7 says:

    I was more worried about my camera man (aka Dad). After all, he was closest to the cobra. Mom was nowhere near the snakes!


  3. Kathy Gauthier says:

    Well, my friend, Elliot…you certainly know where I stand with snakes. I would be with your mom for sure! I don’t find them the least bit “charming.”
    Mrs. Gauthier


  4. Greg Massotti says:

    Wow E….those are some serious snakes….were you scared because you didn’t look it in the picture.
    The soccer team began practices and it was weird not having you around….hope you are doing well and I look forward to your next post!!


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