Soccer tricks & skills

Hi guys! I’m back in Triora and I just completed a soccer tutorial. Click here to view it.

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8 Responses to Soccer tricks & skills

  1. Greg Massotti says:

    Wow….now that is a post I can sink my teeth into!! I’d say how did you get so good but I know the answer….you are clearly spending a lot of time work on your skills E and it is definitely paying off. Douglas is going to have a very talented soccer player to add to their team when you return to town!!!

    Keep kickin!!!

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  2. Zachary says:

    Amazing job! I loved the Maradona double step, all of your moves looked great! Way to use both of your feet. Very well done video, you taught me a few new moves!

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  3. markgwagner says:

    Hi Eliot, That’s pretty cool. Maradona must be proud to have soccer skills named after him.
    It’s getting cooler here in the evenings and that means that it’s fall soccer season. Myles went out for his high school team and was one of 3 Freshmen to make JV. He is very excited about that. They have their first game today against Suffield Academy in Suffield. It’s too far for me to go, but I should be able to make Saturday’s game.

    We miss you guys and hope you are travelling safe and staying well. In any event, I’m glad you are out of that snake pit.



  4. Laura Cardin says:

    Wow! Really impresive moves Elliot!! I’ve only ever seen you shoot hoops, I had no idea you were so good at soccer too. Really enjoyed the video. Orie watched it to, he was pretty impressed!
    Keep up the good work! And remember us when your a big time famous sports star;)
    Laura, Orie and Harris


  5. all7in7 says:

    Thanks Laura! I hope Harris has an interest in sports so we can play together when I get back!


  6. Miss Lynn says:

    I’m a little behind reading your blogs so I thought I’d catch up tonight. I loved watching your soccer moves. They were so cool!! I still look in your yard every time I drive back onto Cummings Ct. We miss having you around but you are having quite an adventure!! Please say hi to your mom and dad for me. Keep up the great writing too. Love, mrs Beukema.

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