Nostra ultima settimana in Triora

(Can you figure out what the title means?)

This week there was something special in the air in Triora! One of our friends organizes an annual music course, ‘Triora Musica’. This year the participants sang music by William Byrd who lived in the 16th and 17th centuries! It is the music that monks sing before they go to bed. I had quite a good time! Some of my friends were there and I got to sit with them.


Yesterday, we went to the beach at Arma di Taggia and the weather was perfect. At the end of the day, I conquered my fear and jumped off some large rocks into the sea. Ever since I was really little I have watched the crazy teenagers do flips and 360s off of the high rocks. Anyhow, I made my run and soared through the air landing in the water, just past the dangerous boulder below. I did it many times and to be honest I want to do it again!

On the way home, we stopped in Aggagio Inferiore at Fontanna dell Olmo which is a restaurant run by a young couple who had their first baby 11 days ago. They only serve local ingredients — they call it 0km menu here and there are many agritourismo restaurants in this valley. For me, they made some special trombette risotto and an awesome mozzarella and tomato salad. Yum!

IMG_0327.JPGNext to us, there was a family from Berlin with a really cute little boy named Luke. Luke’s father told us he played American Football for over 20 years in Germany and that he actually met Jon Elway in Frankfurt. Elway was before my time so I told them I support the Pats and Tom Brady.

Tomorrow, we are heading back to New Mexico. I’m having mixed emotions about leaving Italia and going back to America🎭😂. We will only be there for two weeks before we leave for Southeast Asia! I’ll miss many things about Italy, such as: gelato, the fact that I can walk down to a local soccer pitch in five minutes, the beach, gelato, gelato, did I already say gelato🍦?

(PS: Here’s an Arabic letter that I learned in Morocco, and I think it looks like a smiley face:ت)

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6 Responses to Nostra ultima settimana in Triora

  1. Greg Massotti says:


    Glad to hear you made it through rock jumping in one piece….have a safe trip back to the US.
    Local soccer update….U12 boys team lost 2-0 to Mendon Upton yesterday…..they are now 1-1 (they won last week 5-0 over Charlton). U10’s beat Shrewsbury 3-2 last week. They are 1-0.

    Keep posting!!


  2. markgwagner says:

    HI Eliot,

    At first I thought the phrase meant Night is the ultimate sentiment, and that this was a song the monks sang before bed and the long journey through darkness to the dawn, but then I googled it: your last week in Triora. . . Alas.

    We are having beautiful fall weather here, and Myles won his first game. He is playing beautifully now that his father is not his coach 🙂 . . . Seriously, I enjoy watching him play high school football as it makes me sentimental and proud.

    Did you know that I am an expert at Risotto? I learned from a great chef. So the next time you are here I will make you a batch and you can compare it with what you are getting in the old country. I am confident that my risotto will be delectable and rich, though you’ll have to tell me what they put in it over there. . .

    Glad to hear you are coming statewide. Wave as you fly by. . .

    Warm regards to you and your parents.

    Mark, Monica and Myles


  3. antondenma says:

    it means our last week in triora


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