My turn!

All around the world kids argue about little things such as: ‘It’s my turn’, ‘I go first’, or ‘You’re as wrong as it gets!’ Usually, in America, we kids use the game ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors'(♠️📃✂️).

In Italy, children use the method, ‘Bim, Bam, Boom’. The way it works is one kid calls even and the other calls odd. They swing their arms to ‘Bim, Bam, Boom’, hold out one through five of their fingers, and add up the numbers. If the sum is odd, then the kid who called odd wins, but if the sum is even, then the kid who called even wins.

In Finland (where I have lived before) they play a game where an odd number of kids gather in a circle, put their hands on their heads, count to three, and all at the same time put their hands down either palm-down or palm-up.

The group that had put more hands one way than the other group play again. Ex. 7 kids play. 4 kids put their hands palm-up and the other three put their hands palm-down. The 4 kids who put their hands palm-up win. Then the next game has those 4 kids, but it’s an even number of children participating, so they play until the final score is three to one. Then the number of kids playing is odd, etc. The final two play a game very similar to ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ called ‘Kivi-Paperi-Sakset’. Actually the only difference between ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ and ‘Kivi-Paperi-Sakset’ is their names.

If you want to know how kids come to conclusions about that stuff in Southeast Asia, Australia, and even Argentina, keep following my blog.

P.S. I wonder if the penguins in Antarctica have their way of settling disputes!

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  1. pencilmark says:

    I’ve never seen a child use rock paper scissors to settle a dispute here in Britain. I used to demand my older brother play it with me, and since have taught it to my kids – best of three is the winner!


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