Happy birthday

Hey guys, this week is a special week for my Nonna and my Mom! Their birthdays are coming up and we’re all excited🎉😀. I made a video dedicated to them using the same application that I used to complete the soccer tutorial. Click here if you want to see it!!!


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7 Responses to Happy birthday

  1. Susan Germann says:

    Susan M. Germann, M.Ed. Director, Taos Integrated School of the Arts 575-758-7755


  2. gingerpetraglia says:

    So nice…my birthday is coming up-ya know! When are you heading to S. E. Asia?


  3. Susan Germann says:

    Thank you Elliot! I love the video and especially your creativity in saying “Happy Birthday!” I most happy that you were here to celebrate with me and that we can celebrate tomorrow with your mom!! Love you – Nonna Susan M. Germann, M.Ed. Director, Taos Integrated School of the Arts 575-758-7755


  4. markgwagner says:


    Cool video. Where are you? New Mexico? It looks a little like Italy. . . I hope you all had a wonderful celebration.

    I was born on May 30, so I used to think the Memorial Day Parade was for me.

    When I realized that was not true, I would hold a party for myself.

    Now I try to let my birthdays pass quietly.

    I hope you are well.



  5. all7in7 says:

    Hi Mark, I am back in New Mexico but we are leaving soon for Southeast Asia and Australia. Didn’t you guys live in Australia for a while?


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