Technology + Art in Taos

Yesterday, my grandparents volunteered for this art exhibit called Paseo. Basically all up and down Paseo del Pueblo, the main road through Taos, next to each huge orange X, there is an art installation.

We had a map that told us what each exhibit was about and what it was called.


For example, one of the places we went to had a cylinder with water on top. What happened was the machine would take a sound from an outsider, convert it into light, then sound again, back to light, etc., and for every different pitch that the machine would pick up the sound and color of light would change. And when the sound would get released, the water would vibrate and sometimes even jump.

There was also a gigantic robot that was programmed to pick up a flower, smell it, then put it back down again.

IMG_1421.JPG He was a representation of how a lot of people get caught up with a lot of things in life and they need to “stop and smell the roses.” One of the things that speeds life up is technology, like robots, so the sculpture was kind of ironic.

At my grandmother’s school, some artists came. They call themselves ‘RAIN’. They are technological artists.


IMG_1403-0.JPGWhat they do is they use LED light strips and program them so anyone can alter the code on which the lights run by submitting a text message. You can interact with the art installation while you are looking at it. Here is a flyer from an installation they put up in Albuquerque:

The next morning I even ran into two of the three guys from RAIN at the Taos Cow when I was eating breakfast. One of them ate ice-cream for breakfast. Just like me!


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5 Responses to Technology + Art in Taos

  1. Mrs. Bachelder says:

    Hi, Elliott — It was very interesting to read about your interaction with the technological artists in Taos! What an amazing new field – probably one that we will continue to read more and more about as we proceed into the 21st century! It must have been fun to meet the artists from RAIN, as well as to walk along the street and look for the orange X, knowing there would be an art installation there! Hope you continue to enjoy and share your adventures!


  2. all7in7 says:

    Thank you Mrs. Bachelder! It was cool walking down Paseo del Pueblo looking for new things to discover, especially as it got darker and the projections got brighter. Hope you’re having a good school year!


  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the PASEO exhibits Elliot! I love all the art in Taos and it was fun to meet so many of the artists. Using cell phones to interact with the art is pretty cool!


  4. Liz Neely says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience of The Paseo! It was quite a day for ‘Nuevo Taos!!


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