Colors of Chama

Last Saturday, I went to see the fall colors with my mom and grandparents. We drove from Taos to Chama, NM, up into Colorado, and back to Taos.

Chama’s fall colors keep your mouth moving. It might seem strange putting it that way, but some people can’t help themselves from saying, “Wow, L👀K at that,” or “Unbelievable, WOAH! See THAT!?” The aspen trees on the tail of the Rocky Mountains just look beautiful. Here, some pictures might explain better.





Chama is a small town in the southern Rockies just under the border between New Mexico and Colorado. It has just what a small town needs: Ice-cream, an arts and crafts store, a train station, a tourist shop, a food market, a school, a church, and houses.




On the oustkirts of where Chama is there are some really cool cliffs called the Brazos Cliffs which are close to the Brazos River.


We crossed into Colorado where it started to rain but didn’t ruin the fall colors. In fact, I think it made the colors stand out more.


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4 Responses to Colors of Chama

  1. Kathy Gauthier says:

    Simply breathtaking, Elliot!

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  2. Mrs. Bachelder says:

    I love the beautiful fall colors, Elliott! What gorgeous pictures; thanks for sharing!

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  3. Mary Dykstra says:

    Looks beautiful, Elliot! Hope you’re having a great time! The colors are changing here too- it’s very pretty. Say hi to mom and dad for all of us! And to your grandparents too!

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