Airplane to Asia

‘Sup dudes and dudettes!!! I’m in the land of the smiles🌄😄 (Thailand). I learned this country’s nickname the other day when we were trapped under an overhang waiting out some ferocious rain with some #Thaiteens who couldn’t stop laughing!

You may surprised to hear (or rather read) that my flight from LA to Guangzhou was on the Airbus A380 (currently the largest commercial airplane in the world – it can carry over 550 people at a time!)


I also crossed the international date line during the trip which means that if it’s Sunday in the US, then it’s Monday in Thailand. It is also very discombobulating when mixed with jet lag. Isn’t it Friday or something back in the States?


Here we are at the Albuquerque airport again, ready to head to Asia!


And here I am in the LA airport, playing around with the cool graphic display:


I’ll post an update about Bangkok soon!

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  1. gingerpetraglia says:

    So awesome! Looking forward to some amazing New tales and pictures.


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