Wat’s up?

Hey there! Thailand’s being good to me so don’t worry. I don’t know if any of you know about a Minecraft Youtuber named Stampy, but I’m his #1 fan (or at least his #1 fan out of one-million “#1 fans”)! He is having an art competition and this is what I submitted.


Our first morning in Bangkok, I had a very typical Thai breakfast that is not very typical in American culture: chicken soup! It was delicious.


We then hopped on the Chao Phraya Express, a river taxi that does up and down the river. We saw lots of fish, seaweed, and wats. A wat is a Buddhist temple. In fact, yesterday we visited one of the most famous and sacred wats in Thailand.




Yesterday, after getting ourselves together, we headed out in search of the breaking of our overnight fasts. We ended up getting 3 coffees (2 for dad, 1 for mom) and a HOT CHOCOLATE! We also got kao mangai, which is great chicken rice.

IMG_1442.JPGI also gave a monk who was collecting alms three baby bananas and he said, “Thank you,” to me in English instead of praying with me (I wouldn’t have known what to do if he had prayed😅, but it looked like most people took their shoes off and bowed their heads).


Wat Phra Kaew. Amazing. Astonishing. Awesome. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Dragonful. Enormous. Excellent. Graceful. High. Large. Lovely. Monstrous. Powerful. Restricted (in some areas). Sensational. Taco. Towering. Unbelievable. Wat. Zany. (Alphabetical order).

In Wat Phra Kaew, there were a couple of things to see. There was the Emerald Buddha, the painted comic strips (or basically a very llllllllllllllong mural), the Stupa of Wat Phra Kaew. When I first walked in, for the first time in my life, I saw what I had expected. Multiple temples, tourists and tour guides with their flags, and the only thing I didn’t see were Buddhist monks. Pictures will give you better info on what happened in Wat Phra Kaew.






There was a school group walking around that made us giggle. There were many Chinese tourists and some were British.



The Grand Palace. Amazing. Astonishing. Awesome. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Enormous. Excellent. Graceful. High. Large. Lovely. Monstrous. Powerful. Restricted (in some areas). Royal. Sensational. Taco. Towering. Unbelievable. Zany. (Alphabetical order).

The Grand Palace was really cool because that’s where the King’s throne is. I even saw a black-and-white photograph of the king in a throne.


The courtyard was probably the largest part of the palace with its Dr. Seuss trees.




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8 Responses to Wat’s up?

  1. Susan says:

    This takes me back to when I was there with your Mom and Dad a VERY long time ago, I hope all your restaurants have food. Your mom and dad can explain that joke! Keep up the amazing work.


  2. gingerpetraglia says:

    Nice pictures and the breakfast soup looks amazing.


  3. all7in7 says:

    Thanks Ginger! The soup was more than amazing. And today for lunch I had duck soup with noodles!


  4. TISA 6th grade says:

    Did you run into Dr. Seuss’ ghost or did you just see his trees ;o), Looks like you’re having an awesome time!! Have you seen any rubber trees yet? We are wondering what the stop signs look like. Hope you’ve gotten used to the time difference!


    • all7in7 says:

      Hi everyone! I just saw the trees that reminded me of Dr. Seuss, luckily no ghosts. We are having an awesome time. We just arrived in Chiang Mai on the overnight train. I didn’t see any rubber trees yet, but I did see the jungle and rice paddies. The stop signs are exactly like they are in the US, and they even say STOP in English on them. I think I’m used the time difference now.


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