Thai transportation

Without transportation, we would practically be stuck in place for our whole lives.

Here in Bangkok, there’s no shortage of transportation. There are airplanes✈️, tuk-tuks, river ferries🚤, buses🚍, taxis🚖, skywalks, trains🚊, sky trains🚈, songthaews, motorcycles, and many places to walk. The only things I haven’t been on are motorcycles and songthaews. A songthaew is a pickup truck that has benches in the back. Here is a picture:

Here I am riding the ferry and taking the bus in Bangkok.


We also took the skytrain. Here is a picture of the map, but it was too crowded to take pictures on the skytrain:

Yesterday, I hopped in a taxi and surprisingly, the taxi driver spoke Italian! That meant that everyone in the cab spoke Italian and English, so that’s how we communicated.

Last night, I also took my first overnight train. Here are some pics:




IMG_1586.JPGLast night’s train ride was 14 straight hours! There were some Finnish people in our car and my mom said hi to them and told them that we lived in Rovaniemi last year. The sleeping situation was very interesting: There was a top bunk that folded out of the ceiling and a bottom bunk, and a guy in a uniform and crocs made our beds. Mom slept on the bottom with me, and Dad slept on the bottom bunk across the aisle.


Right now I’m in Chiang Mai and I just had my first tuk-tuk ride. We grabbed it at the train station. It was awesome, but my main focus was keeping my mom in the cab since there was only a very low rail on the side to keep you in.



I also just updated the World on a Plate section of my blog, so please have a look!

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4 Responses to Thai transportation

  1. gingerpetraglia says:

    Amazing! So many varied types of transportation. Considering all the transportation safety issues it is amazing that your photos don’t show injured bodies every where! 😉 Just Kidding! Glad you kept your mom from falling out. How did you like sleeping on the train? I imagine it would lull me into a blissfully deep sleep…but I’ve yet to give it a try.

    So enjoying your blog E!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Susan says:

    I loved taking the train in Thailand and we had so much fun in Chiang Mai. I hope you see some elephants! I am having fun reliving my trip through your blog!


    • all7in7 says:

      I am definitely planning on seeing some elephants when we go to the Elephant Nature Park in a few days. I hope you had as much fun here as I’m having right now!


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