Sawasdee Siam

My last hours of Thailand (also known as Siam) … my review:

What I liked👍:

•Hotel rooms & coming back to them🏨
•Hotel pools🏨🏊

What I disliked👎:

•Humidity (not as much as my parents)😓

What I learned🎓:

•Thai culture🌏😄🙏
•The importance of elephants to Thai culture and what we can do to help domesticated elephants🐘
•Thai language (nit noy … this much👌)
•Some basics of Buddhism🏯
•Khmer and Ayuthayan history🌅
•How to cook some Thai delicacies🍜


•I didn’t get a foot massage (my parents think I’m too ticklish to handle it!)👟😂

Bye Thailand😕😞!!!

Hello Singapore …

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4 Responses to Sawasdee Siam

  1. Susan says:

    I loved reading all about your Thai adventures. I felt like I was back there again with your mom and Dad. It’s funny how the things I found challenging haven’t changed! Enjoy Singapore – can’t wait to read about it! Happy late Halloween!


  2. all7in7 says:

    Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed the Thailand posts. I’ll have a post for Singapore ready soon.


  3. markgwagner says:

    Wow. I like your list, and I see a developing theme about food in all your blogs. I guess you could say we gotta eat. . .

    It’s a beautiful day here, cook, the autumn setting in. I’m going to go for a run. Myles has soccer and later’s we” cook up some food for the week.



  4. all7in7 says:

    FOOOOD… Tonight my parents had fish head curry but I just had chicken briyani! I’ll post some more pictures soon!!! Hope Myles is having fun with soccer⚽️!



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