Australian arrival

A couple of days ago I arrived here, in Sydney!


On my first day here I got settled into my apartment and played on my iPad for a while, or at least, not the whole time (hee-hee)! Anyway, our first day in a new destination is kind of a get-ourselves-together-day, and our first day here wasn’t an abnormal ‘first day’.

Our second day here started out a bit out of the norm, for I had TOAST for breakfast! We found gluten free bread at the grocery store.

Some of you may know that I am indeed allergic to gluten, an allergy that makes me careful around certain breads and pastries, but TOAST? I have to admit I actually didn’t like it, I sort of LOVED it! I guess it’s one of the down sides about my allergy, which, oddly enough, has upsides too!

Then, since mom had to go to a conference at the University of Western Sydney, I spent the whole day with dad, knockin’ around town. We even stopped by a cricket oval (don’t get grossed out yet because cricket isn’t just an insect, it is a sport similar to baseball, and Australians love it just as I love soccer — sorry if that’s hard to relate to) and played soccer with our Thai soccer ball.

Later, we took a stroll up to a peninsula across from the Sydney Opera House!

In the late afternoon dad and I were shopping, when I found: GLUTEN FREE COOKIES…πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ😁😜. Since I’m finding more gluten free options as I travel, I am enjoying different delicacies.

The next day (toast for breakfast again😏) mom and I walked down and got some pictures of me with the Opera House in the background from the spot where dad and I were the day before! They turned out really great! Handsome picture, huh?


Later that day we all walked to the Sydney Opera House, the New South Wales Library, and a gallery. We had a good time. Here are some more pictures!πŸ“·






Today, we hopped a ferry and went to the beach!



The water was freezing cold, and something that accompanied the coldness were penguins! I actually saw penguins swimming at the beach! I know it sounds like a kindergarten drawing, but it’s true!

No, not those penguins. Real penguins, but we didn’t catch a picture.

We also went on a hike up the mountain and ended up stumbling upon ‘Lady Bay Beach’ (Nudity Beach) and there were, well, naked people, not illegally naked, of course, but, nude nonetheless!



At the tip of the peninsula, we saw the Hornsby Lighthouse and the cottage where the lighthouse keeper would have lived.


When we reached the top I just saw an empty Tasman Sea leading out to the Pacific Ocean. It reminded me of when I was at Nordkapp in Norway, looking out to the Arctic Ocean. It was very beautiful!

We took the ferry back and hung out for the rest of the night …

P.S. Since you didn’t get a penguin picture, here’s a picture of an ibis.


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8 Responses to Australian arrival

  1. markgwagner says:

    Good on ya, matey!

    Liked by 1 person

    • all7in7 says:

      One time I heard someone on Australian Junior Master Chef say ‘Bags o’ flavah’ (translation: bags of flavor). People really do sound like that! Did you learn to speak Australian while you lived here? Have a g’day!


  2. Laura Cardin says:

    Nice! Australia sounds awesome. Cool picture of the bird. The wildlife pictures are my favorite! We took Harris for a walk down to the river to visit with the geese which is his most favorite thing to do. It was 34β€’!! So I hope you’re enjoying that nice warm beach.

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    • all7in7 says:

      Hi to Harris! Here in Sydney it never gets as cold as 34Β°F! Then again, we are coming into summer here. The equator is so weird isn’t it? I’ll try to post more pictures of animals. We are going to the zoo tomorrow. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE A QUOKKA!


  3. gingerpetraglia says:

    Love that you are following warm weather as you trot around the globe. So…gluten free toast and cookies! Lucky boy. Do you miss having soup for breakfast?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. mary Dykstra says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Australia!

    Have a great time!!

    Liked by 1 person

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