Penguin Selfies

While I was in Antarctica, I had a selfie competition with a guy named Brian who I met on the boat. (Hi Brian!)

The point of the competition was to see who could get the best selfie with a penguin, a seal, and a whale.

Seal selfie:


Penguin selfies:



The selfies with the penguins and the selfies with the seals were easy, but the selfie with a whale was hard.

Here I am waiting for a whale to surface:




Lucky for me, I was also able to get selfies with the two ‘penguins’ who hosted Polar Pictionary night:

ERM selfie

But then my friend Robert (hi Robert!) and I got to dress up as penguins on the last night …


… so I got the ultimate penguin selfie:

photo (4)

In the end Brian told me that I won, but I’m still pretty sure he did better than me.


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5 Responses to Penguin Selfies

  1. markgwagner says:

    Great Stuff, Eliot. . .Here we only saw dolphins and belugas. . .In the Aquarium in Chicago. We saw show called ‘One World.’ It was magical in some ways, but . . .nothing like what you’re getting. Shakespeare said, “Jealousy, thou green eyed monster. . .” I’m green with envy of you guys being there n Antarctica . . . Have fun and keep the posts rolling.


  2. all7in7 says:

    Hi Mark, the name of our ship’s captain was actually Captain Beluga! He was Russian. The ‘One World’ show sounds really cool. I like dolphins, too.


  3. Margaret Molz says:

    My favorite was YOU dressed up as a penguin! You look so happy!

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  4. mlbleep says:

    You were my inspiration, Elliot! It wouldn’t have been the same without an Antarctic selfie and you pushed me to get the best. My instagram account thanks you. But I am a little bummed that they didn’t let me wear the penguin costume… 🙂 Happy 2015.


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