Penguins and Haircuts

Hey guys, here are the videos I promised you:



Funny Penguin Montage


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9 Responses to Penguins and Haircuts

  1. Laura Cardin says:

    Hey Elliot.. Loved your haircut video! It wouldn’t let me view the penguin video though for some reason:( Maybe film making is your calling because that video had a very artsy way to it. The music you chose was perfect. Very impressed!
    Your hair looks great! Harris hasn’t had a hair cut yet, I’ve only trimmed in front of his eyes but now it’s starting to look like a pretty serious mullet. I finally made him an appointment for Thursday to have his baby curls cut off:(
    Well, once again thanks for the entertainment and keep em comin!!

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    • all7in7 says:

      Hi Laura, my dad just changed the settings on the penguin video, so I hope you can see it now. I bet Harris is going to look very handsome with his new haircut! Mom and Dad say hi!


  2. Susan Germann/akaNonna says:

    Hi Elliot – I loved watching the haircut video! I can’t get into the penguin one because it is marked private and I must not have the correct password for that. I tried using my Yahoo password but it wouldn’t work. I’m going to try and cut Papa’s hair like yours!! Love you!!! Nonna

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    • all7in7 says:

      Hi Nonna, dad is trying to change the settings on the penguin video. Try it again, okay. Good luck cutting Papa T’s hair. Tell him we met another Cowboys fan today. Sigh.


  3. Monica says:

    According to Myles, there is no better haircut than one that makes it looks like you really didn’t get a hair cut! Check out this haircut in Buenos Aires video…. they would have given you a very different cut and even shaped your eyebrows!

    and the Penguin video – great montage… I think they could use some Moonwalk lessons from you to entertain the local Penguin enthusiasts.

    we hope to hear from you when you are back home in 2 weeks or so
    safe travels! soft landings!
    the 3 m’s


    • all7in7 says:

      Hi Monica! The video of the Barber Shop in Buenos Aires was really cool. Even though I had my haircut here in Buenos Aires, I didn’t get my eyebrows trimmed. Maybe I should send my dad to the Mana Barber Shop! Unfortunately, we actually won’t be coming back to Massachusetts until July of 2015. We will be back in New Mexico in two weeks, though. I hope you guys are doing well!


      • wow…. enjoy New Mexico.. – just in time to watch the Patriots win the Super Bowl! we look forward to seeing you in July 2015… Myles may actually be driving to your house by that time! he is taller than me now… (and smarter…. I think)

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  4. markgwagner says:


    Don’t you want your hair longer where it’s cold? Or are you back on the mainland somewhere where it is warm?

    Watching your stuff, I wondered if penguins have fur or feathers. I googled it and found this: like all other birds, penguins have feathers. Penguin feathers are short, overlapping and densely packed. The outer part of the feather is waterproof while the inner down section traps an insulating layer of air, keeping the penguin warm in the sometimes freezing water.

    This leads me to conclude that penguins don’t get haircuts but their feathers trimmed . . .


    • all7in7 says:

      Hi Mark! I am here in Buenos Aires and it’s in the 90 degree range, so I’m glad to have shorter hair. Did the website on the penguins say anything about penguin chicks? I thought that the babies have fur. Only the Macaroni and Rockhopper penguins have haircuts, unless there’s some sort of undiscovered Mullet Penguin!


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