Day trip to Tigre

A couple of days ago I went to a town in the outskirts of Buenos Aires called Tigre. We hopped on a train and took a 45 minute ride up to the Tigre station.


photo 2

Tigre is known as the Venice of Argentina because everybody there must travel by boat. You can see from this map just how many rivers there are:


The town is part of a river delta, so we took an hour long boat ride through the delta! Since all of the houses and yards were on the riverside, there was wet grass everywhere. Here are some pictures:

IMG_5856 IMG_5878 IMG_5882 IMG_5860   IMG_5884 IMG_5885 IMG_5886  IMG_5868

We grabbed lunch at a burger place with a French theme. It was funny how the cashier was wearing high-heels and a fancy dress. We also passed a huge amusement park that I wanted to go to, but the line was about an eighth of a mile long, and the line for the water-slide was even longer!


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9 Responses to Day trip to Tigre

  1. Susan Germann/akaNonna says:

    Hi Elliot- where is the photo of the cashier in high heels? Papa would really like to see that! I’ll look forward to hearing more about the food! Love you – Nonna


  2. Terry Germann says:

    Hi Elliot,
    Great shots. The water there looks like the water in Cedar Creek Lake. See you Thu, can’t wait.
    Pappa T

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  3. Emily Höckert says:

    Hei Elliot!

    Thank you for sharing these pictures! I have always wanted to visit Buenos Aires and it was great to hear about this place.

    And thank you for the blog! You are such a good writer and storyteller. It has been wonderful to follow your adventure!

    Best wishes,
    (We met in Levi, Finland and saw Aurora borealis together…)


  4. hola! it has been raining so much here…. it is like Dudley is the Venice of MA! anyhow… how are your spanish lessons going? Dige me!
    I hope you took photos of the cashier… we want to vote on if it was a “fashion do” or a “fashion don’t.” what is so funny about the cashier wearing high heels and a fancy dress? I am just hoping the cashier wasn’t a man!

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    • all7in7 says:

      Unfortunately, we didn’t take a picture of the cashier. I guess it was funny because it was just a burger place and she seemed like she was working at a five-star restaurant!


  5. Jean Fitzpatrick says:

    Ehi la Elliot,
    Ricordo che mia madre mi diceva che suo nonno ha volute emigrare in Sud America, Brasile o Argentina, invece degli Stati Uniti. Vivevano in Foggia, Italia meridionale – gli agricoltori, come la maggior parte delle famiglie in quella regione. La nonna a quanto pare non era d’accordo. Purtroppo e morto in Italia prime che il suo sogno si e avverato. Alla fine la nonna ei fratelli hanno fatto il loro viaggio in America.

    Credo che ci sono molte persone di origine italiana in entrambi i paesi. Dopo aver letto su Tigre, ho capito perche.

    Come pensi che le due culture confrontano?

    La Signora Fitzpatrick
    post scriptum Il tuo blog e l meraviglioso e cosi e la scrittura!


    • all7in7 says:

      Ciao signora Fiztpatrick!!! Spero che stai bene. Grazie per il sostegno mio blog! Stiamo godendo le ultime ore qui, a Buenos Aires. Da quando ho cercato di imparare lo spagnolo sono stato mescolandolo con italiano.
      Mi sento come il rapporto tra quasi ogni cultura moderna ha a che fare con la colonizzazione. Mi manchi!!!


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