Dog walkers in Buenos Aires

Here in Buenos Aires there are a LOT of professional dog walkers, and they are walking a LOT of dogs. Sometimes they have up to ten or more dogs on a leash. We often see a group of dogs playing with each other in the park with a dog walker. One time I saw a bulldog leap at another dog with this ‘HI!!!’ expression on his face! Anyway, these are a few pictures of the dog walkers and their dogs:

photo (25) photo (23) photo 3 photo 2

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4 Responses to Dog walkers in Buenos Aires

  1. markgwagner says:

    Hi Eliot,

    You are giving me some ideas for a new career direction. Do dog walkers need to be certified, or should I just show up in Buenos Aires with some leashes?


    • all7in7 says:

      I guess you could just show up here, but it depends on the kind of business you’re going for. Like, either fancy poodles OR bulldogs that pee on your shoe. It’s up to you man.


  2. Laura Cardin says:

    Best job ever!! Don’t know if I could handle 10 though.


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