Stampy’s Love Garden

Recently, I have had a little bit of a social media peak, and I decided I would tell you guys about it. If any of you know Minecraft and Stampylongnose, then you know how popular Stampy is. You also may know about his love garden and how many people beg to get in it. In some earlier blog posts I have mentioned a project that I created for Stampy while traveling called the Flat Stampy Project. I did some work on it and presented some of my pictures to Stampy. Well, a couple of days ago, in Stampy’s 270th episode of Minecraft in his Lovely World, all of my work paid off and I was added to his love garden! Click here if you want to watch the video, ‘Switch the Switch.‘ Look for me starting at minute 1:35.
I really appreciate what everybody who has supported the project has done and a big thank you to Stampy for adding me to his love garden. Remember, you can still participate in the Flat Stampy Project by visiting my facebook page!

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3 Responses to Stampy’s Love Garden

  1. Margaret Molz says:

    Woo hoo Elliot! Stampy’s love garden! So awesome he was thrilled with your travels! Carry on!

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  2. markgwagner says:

    Stampy’s Love Garden sounds even better than the Beatles ‘Octopus’s Garden.’ Well done. Keep on blogging.

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  3. Ginger says:

    That’s fantastic E!

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