Bananas and bumps

Hey everybody!!! A couple of days ago I visited TISA (Taos Integrated School of the Arts), a school here in Taos, and talked to a class about my experiences in Argentina and Antarctica. I also, with the help of my grandmother, who is the director of TISA, my grandfather, and my mom, made fried bananas that I learned how to make in the Thai cooking school that I visited in Thailand.

Fried Bananas

Everybody loved the bananas, but I think there was a bit too much lime juice in it.

The class that I talked to was in sixth grade and they asked some questions that I couldn’t answer, like “What was your least favorite experience in Antarctica,” (which I couldn’t answer because I enjoyed Antarctica so much) and “What was the temperature there,” (which I couldn’t answer because one day we were in T-shirts and the next day was below freezing and snowy).

Also, on Wednesday, we got some good snow up on the ski mountain! Here is a picture of me at the top of the new Kachina Peak lift:


Ever wonder what it would be like to be a ski? Here is another ski video: (By the way, that isn’t me crashing. We had an adhesive malfunction. Let’s just say the GoPro didn’t ‘stick’ the landing.)

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3 Responses to Bananas and bumps

  1. Laura Cardin says:

    Loved that video!! That run looked like it had lots of fun jumps, and the forest is georgous with so many tall pines. Such a cool camera with a nice clear picture.


  2. Margaret Molz says:

    Wow Elliot! You r a pro!!
    Neat experience at TISA too!


  3. markgwagner says:

    HI Elliiot. . . .

    We are getting another foot here. Good year for skiing in new england. I’ve been working on rolling my ankles more when I slalom and also swinging my hips so I can do moguls. . .

    WE had a visit from our friends form England and went sledding.

    Myles is doing a famine program tonight, as a fundraiser. . .

    Hope you are well. . . Keep the blogs coming and shred some of the western snow. . .

    Mark Monica and Myles. . .


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