Red Sox rumble

 Hey guys!!! I know I technically finished off my year of blogging but a special event took place recently. I went to my first Boston Red Sox game with our friend, Brian, who is an executive for which is the digital division of Major League Baseball. We met Brian on our trip to Antarctica and you may remember him from our penguin selfie competition. Brian promised to come to Boston to meet up and go to a Sox game at some point, so that’s what we did. In fact, he was able to get us awesome seats right behind home plate. Though, I was not able to catch any foul balls:(   
 The Red Sox faced the Mariners, and crushed them on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Boston (a whopping 22-10 win by the Sox), thanks to Ortiz:

 We had a great time and were really grateful that Brian invited us to go – Thanks Brian!


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2 Responses to Red Sox rumble

  1. Christine says:

    Nice job!!
    Great game!
    Awesome ballpark👍🏼


  2. Margaret Molz says:

    Looks like you had fun!!! Glad ur home 4 summer! Hugs!


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