Stampy’s Love Garden

Recently, I have had a little bit of a social media peak, and I decided I would tell you guys about it. If any of you know Minecraft and Stampylongnose, then you know how popular Stampy is. You also may know about his love garden and how many people beg to get in it. In some earlier blog posts I have mentioned a project that I created for Stampy while traveling called the Flat Stampy Project. I did some work on it and presented some of my pictures to Stampy. Well, a couple of days ago, in Stampy’s 270th episode of Minecraft in his Lovely World, all of my work paid off and I was added to his love garden! Click here if you want to watch the video, ‘Switch the Switch.‘ Look for me starting at minute 1:35.
I really appreciate what everybody who has supported the project has done and a big thank you to Stampy for adding me to his love garden. Remember, you can still participate in the Flat Stampy Project by visiting my facebook page!

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Hello everybody! I have arrived back in Taos, New Mexico from Buenos Aires.

I have completed my journey around the world and have been to all seven continents in the past seven months, all7in7!!! Here are the stamps in my passport from all seven continents. Can you figure out which stamp is for which continent? (Hint: Some have more than one stamp!)





I feel sad that our trip is ending, because I had such a fun time traveling, but I am definitely happy to be back in the USA.

Unfortunately, I have finished traveling to other countries, but the good news is that this is not the end of my blog! I will hopefully be traveling around New Mexico and participating in science tourism.

I also will be skiing a lot now, and will be recording myself on the mountain (I’m probably going to make a video montage about my skiing)😄🎿!


So stay tuned, because I will definitely have more blog posts coming!!!

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Learning about Evita Perón

What’s up guys? A couple of days ago I visited a museum dedicated to María Eva Duarte de Perón.



I’m sure some of you have heard of Evita from an earlier blog post of mine when we visited her grave at the Recoleta Cemetery.

photo 1

photo 2

Or maybe you know her from the movie that was made about her life. In case you haven’t, Eva (better known as Evita) was a very charismatic person who was married to the president of Argentina from 1946 until she died of cancer in 1952. She was a social activist who believed that everybody should be allowed a certain amount of pay, a house, and a job. She was also in favor of many human rights which made her popular and very loved by the lower and middle classes in Argentina – still to this day, many Argentines wish she was here to lead the country. Being the wife of the Argentinian president at the time, she was able to influence the government to implement her ideas. The museum had a lot of information about her life and the causes she was behind. Here are some pictures from the museum:

photo (19)
photo (22)
The house (which is nowadays the museum) used to be a private residence with Italian and Spanish architecture. When Evita’s foundation (called the Maria Eva Duarte de Perón Social Aid Foundation) bought the house it was used as a home for multiple homeless, poor, and sick children and women.

Unfortunately, in 1955 there was a coup d’ etat which overthrew Juan Perón (the president), Eva’s husband. Once they did that, they banned all of Evita’s initiatives and seized all of the foundation’s assets, including this house itself which was made into a government building. Then in 1999, the government declared the house a national historic site and designated it as the venue of the Eva Peron National Institute of Historical Research.

A couple of the things I learned about Evita’s life are that she was an actress when she was younger, and also that she supported sports for kids … including soccer!

photo (20)

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Dog walkers in Buenos Aires

Here in Buenos Aires there are a LOT of professional dog walkers, and they are walking a LOT of dogs. Sometimes they have up to ten or more dogs on a leash. We often see a group of dogs playing with each other in the park with a dog walker. One time I saw a bulldog leap at another dog with this ‘HI!!!’ expression on his face! Anyway, these are a few pictures of the dog walkers and their dogs:

photo (25) photo (23) photo 3 photo 2

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Day trip to Tigre

A couple of days ago I went to a town in the outskirts of Buenos Aires called Tigre. We hopped on a train and took a 45 minute ride up to the Tigre station.


photo 2

Tigre is known as the Venice of Argentina because everybody there must travel by boat. You can see from this map just how many rivers there are:


The town is part of a river delta, so we took an hour long boat ride through the delta! Since all of the houses and yards were on the riverside, there was wet grass everywhere. Here are some pictures:

IMG_5856 IMG_5878 IMG_5882 IMG_5860   IMG_5884 IMG_5885 IMG_5886  IMG_5868

We grabbed lunch at a burger place with a French theme. It was funny how the cashier was wearing high-heels and a fancy dress. We also passed a huge amusement park that I wanted to go to, but the line was about an eighth of a mile long, and the line for the water-slide was even longer!


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Baseball Penguin

Hey everybody! I made a meme and my friend Brian who works for MLB posted it on Instagram. Thanks Brian! Check it out here!

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Soccer & Spanish in Buenos Aires

Yesterday I went to the Bombonera (which means ‘chocolate box’ in Spanish), Boca Junior’s home stadium! Boca Juniors is an Argentinian soccer club.

photo 1 (3)

When we walked into the museum we immediately saw a statue of Diego Maradona who played for the team.

We walked around a bit and then the tour started. First we went to the most expensive seats and learned that the Boca Juniors team was started in 1905 by five Italian friends who came to South America.

photo 1 (2)

photo 3 (3)

Then we went to the stands where people actually stand to watch the game! There we figured out where the the name ‘Chocolate Box’ came from. While the stadium was being constructed the architect was given a box of chocolates that was the same shape as the stadium.

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (2)

We also practiced the audience’s goal celebration: “(Three stomps) Goooooaaal! Idale, idale, idale Boca dale!”


Also, we saw Maradona’s own personal box in the stands which he paid over 300,000 US dollars for! (Counting from left to right, it is the sixth one)

photo 2 (3)

Best of all, we got to visit the locker room!!

photo 4 (3)!

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (5)

The whole neighborhood of Boca is obsessed with the Boca Juniors. They even sell ‘mate’ cups with the Boca Juniors design and logo. (You can see more about mate in my World on a Plate update here.)

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (4)

This morning we got caught in a H-U-G-E rainstorm! The whole bike lane was like a Mekong River! Sometimes we couldn’t cross the street because the curb was totally flooded! Luckily we were only going to breakfast. It’s probably going to take a whole day for my shoes to dry out.

photo (15)

This afternoon we also took a 3-hour Spanish class at Vamos Academy!

Here I am before class, and here is the house of cards we made out of our vocabulary cards:

photo 2

photo 3

I learned how to say a lot of new words, but the one that really stuck was ice-cream, and once we got into the food-ordering system, all of my answers were ‘Helado’.

When we were learning our numbers in Spanish, I asked our mentor what googol was in Spanish. We were learning how to say a thousand (mil) and a million (millon), so I wondered about googol (a 1 followed by 100 zeroes).  She didn’t have an answer. So, I looked it up on Google translate and I still didn’t get an answer! That’s ironic, because I looked up what ‘googol’ was in Spanish on Google!

Here I am with our mentor, Lucila … Gracias Lucila!

photo 4

Anyway, mom still thinks that I’m going to order supper tonight…if so, I think we are all eating helado.

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Penguins and Haircuts

Hey guys, here are the videos I promised you:



Funny Penguin Montage


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Beautiful Buenos Aires

What’s up guys? So far I’ve been having fun in Argentina. I’m playing LOTS of soccer and picking up Spanish here and there. This is the 5:00AM sunrise from our apartment:

photo 2

I’ve also been obsessed with the Moonwalk lately, and have been working on it when we find a slippery sidewalk or on the Subte (that’s what they call the subway here).



Some of the subte stations have these cool murals from the 1930s:


The beef here is really good, and I often have a burger or a steak for supper. Luckily, we also found a gluten-free bakery not far from our apartment. They make gluten-free bread, muffins, and empanadas. Empanadas are like mini meat pies. They also come with chicken, ham, and spinach.
g-f empanadas
My parents and I took a walking tour of the city and learned some really cool stuff! Here are some pictures:


The beginning of the tour:


Ever heard of somebody named Evita?


National Congress Building:


Listening to our guide:


Admiring one of the three original Thinkers by Rodin:




The Palacio Barolo was designed to reflect Dante’s Divine Comedy. In fact, the Thinker is supposed to be Dante! Mom showed me part of his poem, and it’s very hard to understand… even translated into English! Basically it’s about Dante’s dream of visiting Hell, Purgatory, and finally Heaven. (The two basements and the Ground Floor represent Hell, Floors 2-14 represent Purgatory, and 15-22 represent Heaven):


I guess this is the elevator to Heaven:


The Government House:


The Obelisk:


One day we went to Cafe Tortoni, the oldest café in Buenos Aires, and got ‘submarinos’.

photo 4 (4)

photo 4 (5)


You get a submarino when you dip a chocolate bar into hot milk. It melts and you stir it up. Sometimes the chocolate is shaped like a submarine! We ordered three submarinos, one for each of us, but the waiter refused to bring one for my dad. He said men drink coffee, not submarinos. Submarinos are for kids! So dad had to drink a coffee. Poor dad, because the submarinos were really good!

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (5)

photo 3 (5)

The waiter also insisted on taking our picture. Here it is:

photo 5 (3)

Dulce de Leche (I can’t believe they put free caramel on the table at breakfast):

photo 4

Catedrel Metropolitano de Buenos Aires:




San Telmo Sunday street market:

photo 3 (3)

A crazy gardening attempt:

photo 4 (3)





We aren’t just doing touristy things, though. We are also doing everyday things like working on my blog.


For example, today I got my hair cut! I’m going to make a video about it. Unfortunately, I only have two weeks until I head back to the US, but I’m having a fun time right now! This is the 9:00PM sunset from our apartment:


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Life aboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov

I have been in Buenos Aires now for a few days but I want to get one more post out about Antarctica because some of you have been asking me for more details about our trip to Antarctica, so here it goes. The boat we took to Antarctica was called the Akademik Sergey Vavilov, a former Russian research ship.
There were about 93 passengers, about 26 staff, and 42 crew members on the ship. The youngest passenger was Robert, who was 9, and the oldest was Christine, who was 76!
Here I am with Robert, looking for whales:
I think most people go to Antarctica to explore, to see penguins, to mail a postcard from Port Lockroy, or get their passport stamped on the 7th continent.
On the ship we were served three meals a day and ALWAYS got a piece of chocolate on our pillows. I spent a lot of my time reading or whale watching.
This was what an average day on the Akademik Sergey Vavilov was like:
Jonathan, the Expedition Leader, would give a wake-up call between 5:30AM and 7:30AM every morning, depending on what we were doing that day. The early wake-up calls were for landing days when we were going ashore.
First thing in the morning, Erin made smoothies for everybody in the bar lounge. Or you could get a cup of coffee or hot chocolate there to get your day started. (I loved the hot chocolate machine!)
Then we would go to breakfast at 7:30AM. After that, when we were sailing, there would usually be a presentation, such as safety briefings or presentations on the wildlife or the ice we would be seeing. We learned a lot about Antarctica from these presentations.
When we were in the Antarctic Peninsula, we had Zodiac landings. Those days were a little different and we had a lot of preparation to do. You can read about our landings here.
One day, when we got back from our morning landing, the staff and crew put on a barbecue for us out on the deck!
Normally, at 12:30PM, we would have lunch, and then another presentation or another landing, and free time to do whatever. I liked to spot wildlife from the bridge or write notes or hang out in the hot tub. Yes, the ship has a hot tub!
           IMG_4963 (3)Everybody liked to take photos. Some people had small cameras, and some people had really big cameras.
At 4:30PM, we would have tea time and then at 6:30PM, we would have happy hour at the bar lounge. We all decorated the lounge for Christmas, and we also decorated cookies.
On the last day of the voyage, I got to give the presentation at tea time! I talked about our all7in7 project and taught everyone how to say hello in each language we encountered.
Then at 7:30PM, we would have dinner …
…and finally a movie would be showing and games would be held up in the bar lounge. Some nights, mom and dad went to bed before me!
At the end of the trip, we got to go on a tour of the engine room and the control room. It was really cool to see all of the instruments, but the engine room was LOUD!
And that was an average day on the Akademik Sergey Vavilov!
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