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Early birthday

Yesterday, I had a birthday party with two of my friends, Kevin and Bryan. Now, my birthday party is usually on July 12th, and my parents usually take our boat out, but because of our departure on July 5th, we … Continue reading

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Worldwide futbol

Today my soccer coach, Coach Greg, had a party to celebrate the World Cup G-Group game, a match between Germany and the U.S. This game was vital because the U.S.’s attendance of the Round of 16 was at stake. As … Continue reading

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Taking a tour of history

Yesterday, my family and I, along with two other families, went to the Massachusetts State House. When we arrived in Boston, our party had a beautiful picnic on the Boston Common. Then, we started off on our adventure. We were … Continue reading

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3 Things I’m going to miss

Today my parents are packing stuff up and I realized there are a couple of things I’m going to miss. There are three main luxuries that I’m going to have to bear without. 1) My basketball hoop 2) The cozy … Continue reading

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Toughening up for our trip

I haven’t started packing for our trip yet, but I know that I need to carry my own backpack, so I have started physical training to get stronger. I’m pursuing many types of exercise, such as push-ups, sit-ups, and planking. … Continue reading

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Vaccinations, exhibits, and beyond

Today my family and I went into Worcester to get our follow-up Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccinations for our departure. Perfect timing! President Barack Obama was in town! Fortunately, traffic wasn’t heavy so we were able to get the job done. … Continue reading

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