Hello everybody! I have arrived back in Taos, New Mexico from Buenos Aires.

I have completed my journey around the world and have been to all seven continents in the past seven months, all7in7!!! Here are the stamps in my passport from all seven continents. Can you figure out which stamp is for which continent? (Hint: Some have more than one stamp!)





I feel sad that our trip is ending, because I had such a fun time traveling, but I am definitely happy to be back in the USA.

Unfortunately, I have finished traveling to other countries, but the good news is that this is not the end of my blog! I will hopefully be traveling around New Mexico and participating in science tourism.

I also will be skiing a lot now, and will be recording myself on the mountain (I’m probably going to make a video montage about my skiing)😄🎿!


So stay tuned, because I will definitely have more blog posts coming!!!

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5 Responses to all7in7

  1. Julie says:

    You are one lucky kid!!! You have amazing parents to take you on such an incredible experience. Your blogs kinda took us along with you. My favorite stamps are Australia (so dear to my heart-I miss that place sooo much) and Antaratica (I will never ever go there if I have anything to do about it…too cold…so I enjoyed living vicariously through you). Why do good things always have to end?? Have fun in New Mexico-my Aunt lives not too far from you!

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  2. Margaret Molz says:

    Glad you are home! Have fun playing in Taos! Enjoy Nona & Papa T!

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  3. markgwagner says:

    Good work, intrepid traveler!!! While you will not soon be talked about in the same circles as Magellan, Columbus, Perry, and Earhardt, your achievements are many and I look forward to your more domestic blog. . . We are doing some skiing here. The blizzard has brought fresh snow (lots) to the hills, so we’re north bound this Friday to Sugarbush. . .

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  4. gingerpetraglia says:

    Welcome back, E! Enjoy the snow in NM. Lots of snow here, too.


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